Plan Options

Resident students sign up tor meal plans when applying for housing.  The details of Resident plans are listed below.  Other students, faculty, and staff can also purchase meal plans from the Commuter list.

Unused meals will not carry over from week to week, or term to term, and will expire if not used during the applicable week. Unused Owl Bucks will carry over from term to term through the academic year. At the end of the academic year, all unused Owl Bucks expire.

All students living in Oregon Institute of Technology ("University") housing must select a meal plan. Students living in University housing for the first time must select either Meal Plan 1 or Meal Plan 2. Meals are “All You Care to Eat” in the main cafeteria (MarketPlace Café). Owl Bucks can be used in all Sodexo venues on campus, and Meal Swipes from Meal Plans may be converted into a TAKE-3 to-go option in The Bistro and Duffy’s

Resident Plan 1

14 Meals a Week $200 Owl Bucks Per Term

Price: $4068 a year \ $1356.00 Per Term

Resident Plan 2

You get 10 Meal a Week and $400 Owl Bucks Per term for

Price: $4068 a year or $1356 Per Term

Meal Plan 3 (not available to first year students)

$300.00 per term\ $900.00 per year $300.00 in Owl Bucks

Price: $300/900

Community Plans are available to all non- resident students, faculty and staff members.

Option 1

20 meals and $25.00 in Owl Bucks

Price: $195

Option 2

30 Meals and $40 in Owls Bucks

Price: $300

Option 3

Add Owl Bucks in any amount!

Price: Varies